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The Landscape of Perfume

by Michael Schrammel 14 Jun 2023
The Landscape of Perfume

Perfumes in our world.

Like pyramids dotting the landscape. Some are taller, some are shorter; some narrow, some wide. Many are gorgeous and meticulously constructed. Some only have one block and pretend to be pyramids built for kings and queens. Most are newer builds of recent decades. Some blocks are just removed and replaced to be made new. Occasionally, this happens when builders have to redesign an old pyramid comprised of stones no longer allowed by regulatory compliances. Many just slap a coat of paint on an old pyramid and call it new. Quite a number of them will disappear into the sands as fast as they arrive. Thousands have been claimed by time; decayed or altogether destroyed. With the massive influx of new builds and builders every single week, the landscape is riddled with them. Pyramids are being built on top of pyramids on top of pyramids. Many dot the landscape built by those who have never learned how to actually build them…or, there are those that buy an “inflatable pyramid” that attempts to replicate one already standing and sell it as their "impression of". Nowadays, it’s a race to see who can build the pyramids the fastest, for the most profit, for the most eyes to see. If you blink, there will be ten more pyramids on top of the last.

…within all of them though, there are many gems of beautifully built pyramids. Some are well-known icons like the Pyramid of Giza while some are only known within small circles. There are many, however, that are hidden gems waiting to be discovered by you, the archaeologists of scent. 

Do you see what I see?

Michael Schrammel, Owner, Perfumer and everything in between at For the Scent of It

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