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What does a Perfume "Look Like"?

by Michael Schrammel 17 Feb 2023
What does a Perfume "Look Like"?

For this first blog post, we're going to step outside the lab and into the studio, if you will. 

Recently, I was asked, “if you could draw a perfume's structure, what would it look like”? Great question, I must say. 

Sure, we could use the classic pyramid image, or even the updated pyramid.

But, this is a different imagining. Something abstract.
After some thought and a few instructional videos (😅), I created this artwork using Illustrator. 

I visualised waves and globules. All at once, a perfume floating through the air, but an expanded abstract piece of artwork. I wanted to emphasise how a perfume is constructed with accords that can range from complex to simple. There are individual notes and molecules that vary both in their odor impact and size. Most of all, they all must be blended in harmony into one "aromatic visual". When a perfume is sprayed, all the molecules and accords are in the air at once, despite the sense of Top/Heart/Base; so finding balance and harmony between them is critical. They must form one cohesive "aromatic visual". 

Of course, this is MY abstract imagining of what a perfume “looks like”. Your abstraction might be completely different.
That’s the beauty of art…it can represent everything and nothing, or nothing and everything.

Now, I ask, what does a perfume look like to you?

-Michael Schrammel, Perfumer at For the Scent of It

(Artwork created and owned by For the Scent of It)

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